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10.12.09Evan loves this little print that we got from Nannie. He asks us to read it to him every other night. Of course, we’re pleased to oblige since he’s still working on fine tuning his table manners. He can finish every sentence, so it’s in his brain; now we wait for it to be evidenced in his body. (Notice the freshly painted wall behind the frame.)

10.11.09SPOOOKY. Lucas thinks we might not have very many trick or treaters since it’s so scary, but I have a feeling that we’ll have plenty.

10.10.09We said we’d never, but we have and we do. The kids love this silly (obnoxious) blow up yard decoration and this year we’re taking it further. There’s a cove in our neighborhood that goes ALL OUT. The call themselves Halloween Cove, but we had already named it Haunted Cove. Inspired by them, I saved some foam packaging for us to use for some very special decorations.

10.09.09Finally the new tripods I ordered for the school arrived and so I can borrow this old one to discover the magic of the tripod when I get a little free time to play around with my camera. Lately I’ve barely been able to keep up with ordinary pictures, but things should calm down soon.

10.08.09Evan is in such a rush to catch up to Lucas (or at the least, have everything he has). He just got a bike this summer because Lucas got a new one, but here you see him on Lucas’s. This picture was taken in the two seconds before Lucas had a conniption. You see, with brothers, it doesn’t matter that Lucas didn’t even want to ride his bike. ¬†There are many things we’ll miss, Matt and I agree, but the bickering is not one of them.

10.07.09You see I’m getting brave. This is what the bottom half of all of the rounded entryways in my house look like. Grubby little hands make this happen. If I did nothing else but touch ups, it wouldn’t be this way, but something has to give. You try, “Don’t touch the walls!” ¬†And so, I take it until I can’t take it and then it’s time to paint. I painted this just last summer, by the way, but it’s time for some washable paint this time.

10.06.09Here you see the boys “helping” with laundry. Lucas has been helping to put his clothes away for some time and I recently introduced him to “the matching sock game,” but here, Matt took it further. They are actually fishing their items from the rest and stacking them up. Every little bit helps.

10.05.09And we have begun our month long Halloween celebration. Because we have a special display behind our front door this year, we have moved this sign to a prominent position above the door. Spoooky.

10.04.09The idea of starting all over with new “pretties” is sometimes kind of fun. It’s been a few years since I did an official “update,” so I guess it’s about due. Gonna move on over to the mineral based lines. I still hardly touch this stuff on the weekends, but it’s almost necessary at work.